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Moisture & Pest Control in Suffolk, Virginia

There is nothing worse than coming home to see a line pesky ants on the walls or roaches lurking in the corner. At Second Opinion Termite & Pest Control, we ensure your property is free of any unwelcome visitors. Since 1985, we continue to provide thorough moisture and pest control services throughout Suffolk, Virginia and surrounding areas. Call us now for a no-charge preliminary inspection at 757-538-5070.
Wood inspection — Pest Control Services in Suffolk, VA
Termites — Pest Control Services in Suffolk, VA
Wood moisture — Pest Control Services in Suffolk, VA


Wood-Destroying Insect Services
– Powder Post Beetles
– Subterranean Termites
– Woodborers or Old House Borers
– Termite Pre-Construction Treatments
– Real Estate VA/FHA Inspections
– Termite & Moisture Reports

Wood Rot Fungus Treatments
– Brown or White Rot Fungi

General Pest Control Services
– One Shots, Monthlies, & Quarterlies
Moisture Control Solutions
– Plastic Vented Crawl Doors
– Auto-Temp Crawlspace Fans & Vents
– Crawlspace Drain Systems or Pumps
– Sand Fill — Moisture Barriers
– Wet or Damaged Insulation Removal
– Install Dehumidifiers

Sub-Structural Repairs

– Subflooring
– Piers
– Sills
– Joists

The Pros in Pest Control

At Second Opinion, we protect your home from insects invading living or crawlspaces. We come out on a quarterly, monthly, or semi-annual basis to ensure your property is bug free. From spiders and ants to crickets and fleas, no pest is a problem for us!
Contact us today at (757) 538-5070 for a free estimate for your moisture control issues.